Medical Cannabis

Are You Eligible?

Canadians over the age of 19 can apply for medical cannabis for many common illnesses and conditions. It does not matter what province you are in or what other treatments you are

receiving. If you have not tried cannabis before, the new forms of ingestion offer safety and purity to the patient. Gone are the days of smoking and today cannabis can be taken as easily as a gel capsule.

Who is Eligible for Medical Cannabis?

Patients with any of these medical conditions may qualify for cannabis treatment under theAccess to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation or ACMPR

Cover Leaf

The CoverLeaf clinic assists hundreds of Canadian patients each month with an aim to connect you with a health practitioner who understands your medical cannabis needs. The clinic offers options to also obtain a license to grow your own medical cannabis.
CoverLeaf is available to both Ontario and Quebec residents. It is important to note that there is a consultation fee with this clinic

Hello Cannabis

Hello Cannabis is medical cannabis clinic comprising of physicians, nurse practitioners and educators informing Canadians about medical cannabis as well as it’s safe and legal use. With an emphasis on education, empathy and transparency, they will help find a treatment that works best for you.
Hello Cannabis is only available in Ontario and also provides a free consultation to its clients.