Hip lives matter

Watch each week as featured guests share their stories of Health in Progress in Cannabis,  through Parenting and touching humanity on Hip Lives Matter, hosted by Amie Reiman.  Amie and her son Jaxon, (11) a pediatric cannabis patient prescribed through for his medical condition and diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome share their fun cooking together in their weekly LIVE! stream, Kidz in the Kitchen.

  • Cooking with Kidz features Owner & son for a funny, candid glimpse inside their typical at home meal making.
  • Interviews with industry guests with fun edits and lots of laughs. Keeps audiences informed, educated and normalized with the shares of others success, trials and testimonies through organic banter.
  • Tik Tok has become the real hub for @my.hiplife to be real to audiences whilst being a little silly too. Happiness,and Humour are trusted ways our PR boosts content & followers.
  • One off events with service providers or friends of HIP are just another way we reach audiences and have fun along the way!


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