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  • Strategic Business planning & brainstorm sessions
  • Business Consulting and mentorship
  • Cannabis creative marketing consulting
  • Speaker Topics include:
    • Humanity with Compassion
    • Motherhood as a Female Entrepreneur
    • Parenting Children with Disabilities
    • CBD and Trauma (personal story)
    • What not to do in Business


  • Panelist topics:
    • Motherhood as a Female Entrepreneur
    • Overcoming Mental Health
    • Cannabis Industry as an Entrepreneur
    • Holistic Health and how to apply tools to Wellness

We offer the following services both in-house and through our extensive network of partnered affiliates. 

In-House Hip Offers:

  • distribution networks through retail or e-commerce
  • international wholesale ventures
  • online marketplace for co-selling and distribution
  • social media, advertising and content creation
  • medically licensed practitioners through integrated web portal
  • creative brand strategy and ideation
  • business operations and leadership consultancy
  • sponsorship opportunities for valuable PR
  • loyalty rewards program
  • white labelled products for wholesale buyers
  • custom creative for brand apparel & merch
  • wholesale preferred pricing and annual bonuses for retailers
  • affiliate network and contract sales roles for new markets

Hip Network Offers:

  •  supply agreements for raw materials, bulk goods and imports
  • medical & recreational cannabis products & accessories
  • government controlled lab testing
  • physician and scientist controlled research & dev
  • licensed production, manufacturing, label and packaging beverage and GMP facilities
  • cultivation for hemp and cannabis
  • commercial marketing channels through vetted media partnerships
  • experiential marketing and activation agency providers
  • equity investor backed platform
  • buyer/seller directory merchant processing integration system