hat you say, may stand in your way

I’ve  been really soul conscious and after sharing the Angel Manifestations, feel super compelled to review what’s been taking place in my own life as we regard the luck of the Irish perhaps being the only thing that many of us correlate this entire month to. (unless you’re a Pisces and celebrating your life or whatever…happy birthday btw).

Personally and i mean this in the kindest way, but i happen to be my own worst enemy in that Capricorns kinda suck sometimes and it’s due to being realistic, perfectionists, planners, orderly, pragmatic, controlling, detail oriented and uber intent on working hard on all things we do.  

Now i know that list seems like a winners circle of leadership qualities that those who may defer to the lazier signs on the astrological spectrum or like the Pisces, more carefree and capable of appreciating those qualities in another but really just comfortable letting nature take its due course as they swim along through life.

I fucking wish!  Seriously, this is genuine envy which generally I wouldn’t exhibit or share because it just adds to an inner list of things to do. (again, the traits to which us “born leaders” are affixed with can burden us by self examining the things we are not).  I, being a traditionally self aware and irrational realist will be the first to admit, I do not say things i don’t intend on happening; I don’t wish for things that i don’t plan on making come true and i don’t believe in luck because things don’t happen by chance. 

Gamblers everywhere have likely stopped reading

There is of course the control of our surroundings being that, if we focus on the positive, being happy, filling our lives with things that bring joy and ultimately remove the worries that weigh us down. We can create a distraction from living in the present, depending on what’s facing the world and its people around us so that we can be met with circumstances favorably; which some refer to as “luck”. 

The right place at the right time is also another thing that some boil down to as “luck”. I say it’s destiny as we are designed to follow our path and many paths along our way will meet. 

We can’t control this. 

Let’s say for instance you’re driving along and another driver brakes inside the car infront of you, forcing you to react by slamming your own brakes down to a screeching halt, you may say “that was so lucky, i could have hit that car!”  However, it’s more instinctual that our reaction not even think but rather perform out of reflex.  Had you not reacted, it would not be “unlucky” you hit the car ahead, it would be certain. Luck as it happens, is not a thing that can swoop in and change our fates because they are determined right down to the second based on the choices, the thoughts, the beliefs and the decisions we make.

So Debbie Downer, why do we have all these representations of luck? 

We have seen things like a horseshoe, a coin toss, a favorite object, rainbows, the 4 leaf clover and then superstitious forms that signify a lucky phenomen is headed our way.   

I believe these are not bad ideals, i mean, one can let a dreamer dream so there is nothing wrong by adopting a notion that this or that is in control or maybe just allowing us to manifest our good fortune. But the reality (here the Capricorn goes again…) is, they do not. 

But here is some good news 

As I mentioned, we do have a lot of ability in guiding our good fortunes in and around our lives because we are ready to accept them!  You can start by examining your choices, making a plan, doing something good for others and also intentionally expect that good things will come. Pay it forward, be generous with the things you can afford to offer and I don’t mean necessarily money or even time.  Perhaps a deserving smile or kind word shared; a piece of advice or genuine compliment; maybe a monthly compassionate effort alone or with others. (yes that was indeed a great plug for our partners who by way of generosity, they also embody compassion in their business model and boy, it feels good to give back!)

It also helps to be surrounded by like minds such as a group like Actions of Compassion or within a virtual community such as, i don’t know, ours? Hiring the right people, being mentored by those that provide positive leadership and work hard.  And don’t stop there!  Health in progress is ongoing so social wellness for us all makes a life of networking a positive and certain reality in order to entertain good fortune to take place.   

If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

So positively consider that in the process of networking, you will not feel alone, you will be awakened to opportunities, new ideas, new places and others that come alongside or a witness to those shared experiences, interactions and encounters.  That’s not “luck” that they or it or them and these times are upheld, not at all.  When our choices aren’t forcing situations , they are aligning them, period. 

But wait, is it possible we can get second chances in life?

Recreating situations to redo a certain time, place and lifetime moment? Absolutely!  But here is the thing, we can also recreate bad times as well.  If you find yourself again and again faced with a negative situation and think  “ i have the worst luck that this is happening”, no, you have the worst outcome already envisioned, you have perceived the same moment, brought it into your repertoire in the same manner and are tackling it the same way as before even if the steps you take to get there are different, your energy has already controlled the outcome by you handing over the reigns to premeditated failure.  

Think like a winner. Don’t give up. Persevere like a Capricorn.

Okay okay, i know i said my knowledge of self holds me down often due to that hard working, go get em’, constant attitude but in truth, this is part of the process in obtaining positive outcomes.  However, often (like always) I don’t feel I deserve them.  My acceptance of good fortune or the infamous “luck” is just not consistently there in how I set the bar of success.  I may have missed many a win because I was still too busy working on improving more, be it on something or myself. I may hold a standard that is just not necessary or even attainable for others and again, myself. I 

may concentrate on the rules and structure being upheld and according to a plan that if bent a little or could take on a new direction would actually benefit the outcome in favor, however, being derailed isn’t part of my acceptable repertoire. 

So it’s not all focus, plans and hard work.

What we can say and acknowledge for sure is that throughout life, the only thing that is constant for sure, is change so embrace it.  Transformations, whether it’s taking a little out of my book or me taking some out of yours allows us to adopt a wellness spirit filled with opportunities both personally and professionally.   

Remember luck as it were, is a numbers game.  Always say “yes” to new, favorable opportunities and Cap’s don’t forget, it’s okay to fail.  Behind one door, another one is opened the more we unlock or simply pass through rather then decidingly ‘reach a dead end’, ‘faced a wall’ and the lowest of our perceived, ‘hit rock bottom’.  Truthfully, if you have ever said any of these things and are still alive, you have been lying to yourself and if you consider that for just one second, well, you’re already moving in the right direction onto wherever it is, not “luck” should take you, but where you determine you want to go.

No Leprechaun will help along the way, I promise.