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Color Diets were the trending weight shredder for 2021 so we wanted to unpack that some more with our frugal living options for losing some pounds, keeping them off, sustainable nutrition and all within a limited budget.

Here is what we have gathered for a better understanding as to why the colour diet has had widespread attention and success recently.

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The 7-Day Color Diet provides recipes using nutritional foods based on scientific evidence.

Each day of the week is devoted to a specific color: 

Day one is white,

White fruits and vegetables contain compounds called flavonoids, such as quercetin, kaempferol and anthoxanthins.  All of these flavonoids have a wide range of healthy properties. FUN FACT:One cup of parsnips provides about a quarter of your daily fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. They also deliver potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E and B, as well as calcium and other minerals.

day two is red, 

Red foods keep your heart strong!  They also have anti- cancer, anti-inflammatory benefits.  They also assist better functioning for the gastrointestinal, liver and our hormones too. Just take a tomato for example. One cup of cooked tomatoes provides almost all of the recommended vitamin C you need in a day! 

day three is green, 

Green foods are unique due to containing chlorophyll which combats oxidants in our blood. AsOur health in progress survival guide2 this is a purifier, it in turn helps to promote good healthy breath! Broccoli is the best vegetable for this so make sure to consume lots of it or several times a week. Green foods give us tons of  nutrients which include vitamins, minerals,  calcium, magnesium, potassium and omega 3 fatty acids.

day four is orange,

Vitamin A is also found in our red foods but one sweet potato in our Orange category and you’ve got your daily intake! That’s not all however, because orange is also synonymous with Vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium. You may have thought bananas were the potassium leader but a sweet potato has even more!

day five is purple,

Purple foods are enriched with antioxidants called anthocyanins, which are extremely good for the body. These anthocyanins fight off the free radicals in your system, enhance cell health and soothe inflammation, which is the root cause of most health problems. Eating blue or purple foods can prevent various cancers, as well as heart problems like blood pressure. They are good for the liver and also can reduce cardiac arrest, fight obesity and lower cholesterol levels.

day six is yellow,

Yellow fruits and vegetables contain beta carotene, known for playing a vital role in maintaining healthy eyesight and night vision very similar to orange and of course the famous old wive’s tale claiming eating your carrots could help you see in the dark…well, it’s not to far from the truth!

day seven you eat the rainbow of colors.

Well this is the perfect segue into a Hip Recipe that we think covers you for each of our six primary colours and provides the perfect rainbow both inside and out!