CBD can be consumed in many different ways. We wanted to have a little fun and teach you how to make your very own CBDCBD Brownies brownies. This recipe will take a few ingredients and tools: 3.5 grams of our smokable flower (the strain of your choosing), butter, cheesecloth or pantyhose, and your favorite brownie mix.

1. Preheat your oven to 245°
2. Grind up your flower
3. Put the flower on a tray and evenly spread it out
4. Cook for a total of 20 minutes— mix it around halfway through.
5. Put a half cup of butter and a half cup of water in a saucepan. Simmer it on low and melt the butter.
6. Add your ground-up flower and simmer it LOW, it shouldn’t boil. Leave it there for about an hour and a half— make sure to stir throughout.
7. Strain the flower out with the cheesecloth or pantyhose
8. Take the butter and add it to your brownie mixture or icing. (You can also just refrigerate the butter and put it directly on the brownies when they’re done! This is the best and most effective way, but we know buttery brownies are a little weird)
9. Boom! The most relaxing brownies you’ve ever experienced.
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