Do Not Over Promise

Speaking Of Realistic  – That Is A Great Segue Into Our Next What Not To Do Which Is Over Promise.

Manage expectations by under promising so you can over deliver.

Far too often in business, you will be faced with situations and people that extend themselves greater than their true abilities or bandwidth.  When expectations are not fulfilled or fall below the communicated intentions – this presents potential challenges for the recipient.

Easier said then done, right?   You may be needing to recover some lost time and so you over extend yourself to prove you’re worth it and a go getter.  Maybe you have a fear of not being good enough and or that competitive nature kicks into overdrive and suddenly you’re making tuna casserole for the office potluck, running a multi child afterschool playdate, double booking yourself so to leave options open and saying things like “yup, just give me 5 min and i’ll call you right back” around 45 times a day. Perhaps its as simple as – you not wanting to let others down.  Sound about right?

Well guess what – the latter of saying you can or you will when truthfully, your current commitments barely allot time to breathe…is that it a) destroys your credibility  B) impacts the other person or persons negatively when the expectation is not met.  This could cost a business more time and money lost at their expense.   Does it change you inside both mentally and emotionally when you have bitten off more than you can chew and now eat your words?

ABSOLUTELY it does. Or at least it should.  When you are at the receiving end of this and fall victim to someone else’s deliverables being non delivered it really puts a stick in your spoke.   I’ve had my fair share of these types and yet although one of my upcoming “DO NOT DO’s”  is a keen reminder not to keep allowing this character type hold the keys to anything my business depends on.  Supporting roles may just be the right fit for the ones that have trouble prioritizing or just don’t understand the implications of deadlines not being met.

Bottomline,  If you say you can and will commit to a timeline, task, skillset, etc. please always ensure to meet the expectations as to your ability and take a very honest approach to such.  And employers, if you can still work with an individual that is known for the opposite of this – the johnny come latelys that claims to be able to do all things… just be mindful that your expectations upon them are not putting your needs at risk because otherwise, there is no one to blame but yourself. PROMISE.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]