It’s Not Over, Till It’s Over: Check In, Reminders And The Finishing Touch

Time, the way our day goes by second, minute and hour of each day both as we are awake and as we are asleep. During the time in which we are asleep we can’t do anything but make sure we are rested and energized for the next day upon which we are ready for a new day.

To say that things are never over till they’re over is used in many circumstances: a boxer or fighter refusing to throw in the towel, continuing to become a pro at something after attempt after attempt after attempt because Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was becoming a pro at first attempt, to many more moments.

So how do we maintain the order of check ins, reminders and above all else the finishing touch? Well here is how:

Check ins: as simple as it sounds it isn’t always easy to do check ins because you guessed it time can always play a factor in which you can do a check in. Places like most businesses such as hotels require a strict check in policy so you best be on time or you could give up a reservation you had booked. Check ins also include checking in on family and friends alike but the trouble with that can be is different time zones, I had a friend who moved to Australia a long ago and when we couldn’t keep up with the time zones to do check ins I got my email address blocked by the now former friend whom I’m guessing didn’t want to do a once a week check in anymore. Just because a check in won’t always work, doesn’t mean it always will you just got to have faith the check in will not go unnoticed in checking in on friends and family as well making your check in time at say a hotel is on time.

Reminders: our brains are always on the thought train sending many thoughts all racing on the rail tracks of our brain to other parts of the brain so how do we set reminders? Thanks to modern technology with phones we can set reminders so our brain doesn’t feel like its getting crammed with reminders. Even if you miss a reminder don’t feel bad about missing one little reminder, things happen that are beyond our control such as other priorities.

the finishing touchThe Finishing Touch: Like crossing the finish line you feel like you have just completed the finishing touch on whatever it is you have just accomplished and you feel like you just placed in first. But for many things there is no true finishing touch, for example you may have redecorated a part of the house with what you feel is the finishing touch however, few weeks or months or even year or more years down the road you feel you want to change up how you originally got across that finish line. The finishing touch can only be a true one in the case of if you want to add one final ingredient to a recipe you’re making. So how do you know that you have completed a finishing touch? You’ll know it in your heart and in your mind.

Through it all keep yourself going strong each day and always continue to move on strongly, confidently and always as a favorite quote of mine says by Henry David Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]