Basic Necessities

When we think of the basic necessities of life it can be narrowed down to many different ideas of what we all can determine to be a basic necessity that we need to function in the daily world of our lives. The five basics have been recorded as being clean air, water, nutrients, shelter, and sleep.

However, I feel that there are more than just the five listed with saying there are more basic necessities that are needed in life. Love is being one of the big necessities that the heart often feels it needs, but love can be defined in many different ways of how the heart defines it.

Education is absolutely among the top necessities that life truly does need because each day you need knowledge through education to help you function in each day be it applying to a job, an encounter of any kind, and just about anything that an education can provide us.

Education doesn’t necessarily happen in the classrooms of schools, education happens around us each day through learning from many different places wherever we go and always we walk away with new knowledge thus in a way we could say we were in a classroom where we were.

Throughout our education we also can find it in spiritual health but how does spiritual health educate us? Spiritual health is defined by some as and I quote, “the aspect of our well-being which organizes the values, the relationships, and the meaning and purpose of our lives.”

As a spiritual person myself ever since I was twelve, I have had this topic float around in my heart as I meditate and each time I get different answers as to how to understand spiritual help.

Through it all each day you will continue to learn something new be you know it or if it slips your mind but you eventually realize you have learned something new but what you do with the education is up to you but always it is important to remember that education is not worth wasting and should be used wisely as well passed along to any who you feel could benefit from your education being shared.

Basic Necessities

Take the basics of our holistic path and in the present, we only concentrate on them with our health in progress. Simplicity is key.

How do you get back to basics in life?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Know yourself and your priorities. …
  2. Lower your expenses. …
  3. Meditate regularly. …
  4. Work with plant medicines. …
  5. Grow your own food. …
  6. Ride a bike or walk. …
  7. DIY. …
  8. Completely unplug.
  9. Visit the library and check out a book
  10. Random act of kindness..

Whatever you do, do it with intention because basically – its the basics that brought us all here so take it from the top and start with simple.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]