[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Give The Gift of Life: What Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give As Well Receive?

December has once again arrived and that means we’ve made it through twelve months of the year but still have to contend with one more month. During those many months memories are created by means of milestones in ways of growth in many fields such as knowledge, in a career and experience but memories are also created by means of travelling and with those important to us in family and friends.

December as well as the time of Christmas, a holiday loved by all and one that brings family and friends together to celebrate a holiday but also in uniting them in gift-giving by giving a gift symbolic of what is known of the person’s likes but it always isn’t easy finding the perfect gift.

 Every Christmas I always do my best to get the best gifts I can get for my family and friends but each year is always something different than the year before because I have to make sure that I don’t repeat what I did Gemma Christmas of the past for gifts.

 I’ve been told I’m not the easiest person to get a gift of any kind be it Christmas or my birthday because I’ve already got just about everything that is related to what my interests are so I’ve often had people ask me if they can come over to my place and I know by how they try to disguise they’re scouting my DVDs/blu-rays as well my books they are taking mental notes so they know not to get duplicates.

I’ve gotten many gifts each Christmas but my favourite gift of all came weeks before Christmas in 2019: I had begun my journey on Instagram learning all the different hashtags for each of my nature photography photos that I would post. One day I posted an amazing photo of the moon and within that time a fellow user of Instagram liked the photo.
give the gift of lifegive the gift of lifeTaking a chance to say hello since you can use private messaging on Instagram I wrote to the user and she was kind to write back and thus began a new friendship. From exchanging messages on Instagram to video chats on Instagram as well Zoom and emails my friendship with Amie have been one of the greatest gifts I have been given.

Not many people respond to messages on Instagram but Amie saw something in me to write back to me and I’m glad she wrote back to me. The gifts we give each other of our knowledge on various topics is always a gift I’m happy to give to Amie, including giving her copies of my latest photography.

Though I live in Massachusetts and Amie lives in Canada our friendship shows that distance cannot separate the bond of friendship that she and I have created. The day that Amie and I are able to finally meet in person I am giving her the biggest friendship hug for being an amazing, knowledgeable and kind-hearted friend.

So when you think of what has been your greatest gift you’ve been given as well as the greatest gift you’ve given I feel you’ll know in your heart the greatest gift doesn’t always come on Christmas or your birthday, the greatest gift of all that you can give is your friendship to any who can see what you see which is you see the goodness in each other and you both create an amazing friendship that though be you miles away or close in distance, you know you’ve got an amazing friendship with not one but so many.

A very special thank you to Amie for opening her heart to becoming a very special friend and having me be a monthly contributor to her website through the blog posts I have been able to create for her over the last few months. Amie, thank you so much for being amazing you that I’ve come to know and be proud to call you an amazing friend.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]