[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This year has had its share of ups and downs but finishing with the positives are the only way for me to remain true to my roots. You see, I am only human so that means I am flawed. Therefore, the world and its people are just like me; they are flawed.

Like any true opportunist (and perhaps one that often throws caution to the wind), it has been my greatest joy as well as my greatest burden that many a new branch has grown as a result of the changes that I’ve taken going out on a limb.

Now it’s true, you can go out on a limb for yourself and for others, which has to be the most selfless act of them all. By definition, you are truly giving of yourself in a risky, perhaps uncompromising and maybe even dangerous manner.  Good on you! Humanity could use more human shields and confident allies that have our backs when our backs are deserving of such entrusted support.

 The worst scenario hits home when low and behold, you go out on a limb for someone and the latter of circumstantial outcomes surfaces.  You had their back, stuck your neck out and personally applied your word towards their capabilities or character.  

Sucks when you get mud on your face, but one can also make a discovery in both scenarios…amiright??   Of course, I am!   We are constantly branching out whether it’s on behalf of someone else, or upon a suggestion, you were referred to, and primarily through our own curious confidence that we embark out on that limb.  

Still, one must ensure that we plant our seeds and take stock in the personal growth we can make possible when our roots are firm beneath us; otherwise, it’s possible when we reach for certain branches and start to venture out… we may fall.

Going out on a LimbGoing out on a LimbGoing out on a Limb I’ve waivered mentally this past year,  but again, head back to certain realities – that as we are flawed… well, it’s okay to second guess.  It’s okay to cut a few branches down or wait a season to let new ones grow.  And it’s okay to fall because just like our health is in progress for all of our lives…we can assume that so is our climb.   

If anyone was to observe another’s climb, we may shout out “Hey, be careful!” or “Don’t go so high!”, because it’s the times when you feel surefooted and nothing can break that suddenly a new season is upon us and well, look around us – anything can happen.

So in reflection, this past year of a turbulent, uncertain and perhaps barren tree that is a reflection of your life, or of one that grew stronger, branched abundantly and gave way to fruitful blessings along the way – let’s go out on a limb in 2022 to discover.  To believe in our branches and put faith in others until its season gives way to the earth…because whether we win or lose and whether we are right or wrong, it is our ability to see how we have grown that will allow us to grow the way we were intended.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]