Tricked by Treats: Nutrition, Clean Eating, and Natural Sugar

Trick or treat give me something good to eat. Throughout history, many different recipes have been created and crafted to perfection of giving the taste buds the ultimate roller coaster ride of taste. Since our first ancestor discovered what was edible in order to survive, said ancestor shared their knowledge with others of their group the wonder that would become known as food.

From each item that could be turned into food as people evolved new ways to enjoy the food were discovered in ways, not even the earliest humans could have foreseen the food as going. But where one food would be people would have to learn to ration the food so they could find a way to enjoy it year-round but that would make it a challenge because if you lived in one area some food is seasonal and can only be found during one season which posed a challenge to early humans to migrate in search of the food they loved not knowing it would be back in another season.

As people continued to evolve they soon would discover the health benefits of each food and place the food into categories of what foods are good and see the results that each food group would give to their bodies. For those who are into fitness/bodybuilding the need to replenish the body with protein-enriched foods means the more sculpted their muscles will look but also including the vitamins found in fruits and vegetables.

Some foods have otherwise fat within them which in turn makes the eater of said food gain the fat on them if they do not watch how much of it they eat themselves. Each day the world consumes a certain amount of food per day and it can be tricky to maintain a healthy amount of each food group you put into your body each day.

A while ago I gave up Gatorade during my workouts because of the amount of sugar inside of it and opted for more natural water to be drinking instead. I even once gave up soda for an entire year. But simply giving up certain foods and drinks is not an easy task for so many who are trying to help their bodies. One thing I do know from what I have learned and many others know is we all have one body, we take care of it now we do ourselves a favor when we are older.

So what is the best approach to this of taking care of yourself with food? There are many approaches but you have to remind yourself you cannot stick to just one food group, there are several and moderation is the keyword in knowing how you are feeling because some foods only leave you wanting more down the road and try to even sneak in snacks.

Each Monday-Friday because I work out in the morning I always do my best to find the best meal possible to make myself have a good breakfast before work and it is not always easy finding the perfect breakfast. Lunch and dinner are always unique to everyone because much like breakfast we all have cravings for what we are hungry for but we also must remember to ask ourselves, “Is this craving worth it or not worth it?”

In the end, what we put into our bodies will always have a reaction within our bodies depending on how the body processes what we had just eaten as well as what we just had for a drink. Remind yourself of this easy trick: Check calorie count on what you want to eat by looking it up before you decide to eat it and see if it fits into the daily recommended calories you should be eating but be mindful to not go over the number of calories.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]