hip manifesto

Humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible. 

Humanity means helping others at times when they need that help the most. 

Humanity means forgetting our selfish interests at times when others need our help. 

Humanity means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on Earth.

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Humanity IS Possible.

There are many ways that we can show love to one another.  You do not even have to know someone or like them to show kindness, care for, or help those that need it the most.

Most often there is an underlying assumption that those unselfish acts require money.

This could not be further from the truth as love doesn’t cost a thing.

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Love is a teacher. 

If we learn from others, then look at your life like it’s a lesson as well.  

For example, when we use our words and they are spoken without action, they are simply words.  What we are learning is that humanity in this context is untrustworthy, meaningless, vapid, and moreover uncertain.  This is something I have learnt from others and as a result, now try to apply action to all of my words.  Not only am I honest to myself but have found that others are able to trust in what I say.  Believe it or not, holding each other accountable to this is another form of love.

We are only human.

Sometimes there are reasons for why one cannot be the mentor or leader that they may strive to be.  

There are a million rebuttals for cause and circumstance, but we know that they are excuses when the reality is – human nature is selfish.   

Throughout our lives we will have trouble. We will all go through hard times. We will suffer from some problem that affects our mental health and endure a physical repercussion from the smallest paper cut on your finger to the most detrimental trauma imaginable – we are all flawed.

It is possible to accept these flaws and situations with faith and trust.  This is humanity. 

Reasonably so, we will pass judgement, make assumptions, and think or say the wrong thing when faced with circumstances. But it is important to reflect, make changes and not repeat the same actions or words knowingly.

So act with humility and express respect for the flaws in others, because we have all learnt from others and we all have inadvertently taught others about flaws. 

Again, we are only human. 

People around the globe do not share a collective thought, action or voice.  Certainly there is  bias.  There is you and me, this or that, ying and yang, black and white, positive….and negative. Humanities demonstrate other ways of thinking about the world so be grateful and give thanks.  Be thankful for these differences, for without them just imagine a world with one voice.   

What would it say?  

Would it be ALL positive or ALL negative… or all, somewhere in between?

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We would be lost in ways we cannot even fathom, that is for sure.  

There would be no lessons to learn, therefore no way to grow as humans. No way to act unselfishly and exercise compassion. No way to provide care, practice kindness, feel empathy and/or express love.  

 “The power of humanity” is the strength of our individual commitments and the force of collective action. Together they must be mobilized to relieve suffering, ensure respect for human dignity, and ultimately create a humane society. 

It is time, we all make Humanity, possible


Meet the team


image20We are thrilled to onboard 6 amazing students to work with us during their Internship project term these next few months.  Each student having unique goals and experience that we look forward to nurturing and working alongside for the outcomes we have aligned possible over their tenure with Hip Lives Inc and also, Eve’s Collective.

Both Hip and Eve’s are delighted to have the enthusiasm and energy from each students felt even from afar.l  Something is sure to blossom this Spring and we will be right there when  it does. 

Meet  the team!

Sales Distributor~Lavan Sankarabalan

Sales Processing~Wendy Nunez Fernandez  

Eve’s Evolve Event Coordinator – Makayla Papouloute

HR & Marketing~Kaylyn Collyer   

Patient Program Marketing Coordinator  –  Rahul Sahdeva

Eve’s Seed Event Coordinator~Ehimen Ogadu