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 Looking for ways that you can get involved?
You can follow HIP Lives on our social channels to stay up to date with what’s happening across our pillars, in the home and around the world.

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Want to be a HIP Blogger and share your story?

Do you and your team have a message, a business or a product to offer?

Are you an influencer and want to use our platform to promote under a collaborative banner?

Our affiliate platform offers many perks for collaborators looking to engage and promote their brands!

Whether your niche is Parenting, Health & Wellness, Cannabis and Plant Medicine or you have a product that our audiences around the World can protect and heal from – we want to hear from you!

If you or someone you know is looking to be a part of the Hip Lives Community, simply fill in our online intake and someone on the team will reach out in 2-4 business days.

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HIP Lives having recently partnered with a cutting edge BioTech project that will create an environmental long-term solution for creating biodegradable plastics.

We are excited to invite others who are interested in biotechnology and want to align your corporation and/or finance with the project set to be Operational by 2023.  

Many industries and individuals across the Globe have already answered the call to action and there is still time to be considered for our Board of Directors and also align your business with a turnkey solution that will have unfathomable positive global impact as we rid the world of plastic and create a sustainable economic future.  

Email: amie@myhiplife.ca for more information

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Of course, we’re always open to messages, conversations, and follows from HIP Lives readers. If you want to find us on social media, see the icons below:

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