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Hip Lives™ Affiliate Program is another great opportunity within the company if you want to be a part of this growing community and spread the message as we build the platform for all lives.

With a Health in Progress™ towards acquiring therapy, products and solutions that provide education through the science and testimonies plants + holistic health CAM therapies, we note that this ongoing demand is never one that we stop seeking until our last breaths.

Cannabis Co-Consulting

Affiliates are helping Canadians access medical prescriptions and supporting our American friends with deciding what products could be right for them.  We all could use a buddy when starting something that’s rather new and of course, illegal still for many still around the world.  Heck, we need more than a buddy – we need a team.

That’s why a Health in Progress™ never stops throughout our lives because we have to keep learning and listening to our minds and bodies as they age, grow, face life highs and lows emotionally, physically, socially, mentally and intellectually.

image3 1Cannabis is revolutionary.  From its origins it has been used in so many applications across more industries than just healthcare.  Cannabis is a unicorn when you consider all the manufactured verticals of finished products being invested in for the natural resource and benefits that infusing with hemp can bring.  Just read the labels on the many beauty care, supplements, food, building materials and of course, natural health products brands that are using hemp formulations in many of their brands. You can’t deny that environmentally our skin, the air, our wellness and our health is being impacted often negatively by the current marketed products and their non organic foundations; so this is why many companies are integrating hemp in the CPG world of goods.  One thing is for sure – there is no harm in taking this leap towards the budding wave of cannabis infusion and this is only the beginning.

The products  paper, plastics, agriculture, automotive, building materials, textiles and fabrics that have come from cannabis are solving quality, environmentally sustainable challenges and that is something we ALL can get behind, no matter what your opinion may rest on when it comes to human consumption of the plant.  Bottomline – there should be no arguments or stigma when the evidence supports this multifaceted plant’s overall achievements!

Affiliates may also bring new alternative solutions to the table so we can potentially offer the distribution platform to another service provider that offers virtual therapies or education in the holistic health space.  The introduction to a consumer brand who desires exposure in a mutually beneficial distribution network with their plant based products or messages in wellness are welcome too!

Finally, with ongoing collaboration availability and capabilities; Hip Lives™ offers a growing home to safely entertain a variety of options where mutually beneficial benefits exist with a zero risk cost basis to consider.  Affiliates and Providers are both welcome to apply for free and will be guaranteed personal revenue based on their individual commitments to the content based requests month to month or in line with their internal calendar of events/media opportunities.

Hip Lives™ proven track record and consistent shares of the growing analytics is our committed result driven guide to a successful partnership.  Digital marketing is fulfilled through the multi channels media partnerships, cross promotional social networks internally, as well as the platforms online advertising space generating both engagements and clicks throughout its content based pillars, e-commerce and PR outreach.

To inquire about Hip Lives™ Media and Distribution Network for your brand or business, please contact us here!

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