Remember the days of calling your friends over and over hoping the “busy” signal would free up?    Then came call waiting, making it so much easier to speak with someone.

Technology has given us even greater ways to be “reached and available”.   What with IM, Messenger, Video/Text apps, Facetime, Social Media–

How is it possible that we get a busy signal?

I get it.  We can set ourselves to “inactive” or even block unnecessary interruptions, but whether we like it or not, we are a society of connection.

I’m sure that you, like myself, are irked by seeing someone has read a message or even worse, you know they’ve read all emails on their phone (in real time), but there’s no reply.

This type of societal “busy signal” is something that raises suspicion, worry and unneeded doubts in both the corporate and personal worlds (and really…is there a difference nowadays?). I find this especially true when I’ve written something so eloquent, so mind blowing, hell – downright provocative- and get no reply? (insert busy signal tone here)

I’ve wasted too much time jumping to conclusions. This is what I now believe:

Sometimes – Busy Signals are a good thing.

A friend once said to me:

“We have become so impatient and self-seeking, it’s hard for us to look for answers from God. Sometimes it takes too much waiting and effort to hear what God wants us to hear.”

Those were his reflections on that busy signal, which I find true no matter what one believes.   We’re so eager to find answers from others that we are too impatient to stop, wait and listen to our own voices.

Time to reflect and review is ESSENTIAL

Yes, I know we’re all running a rat race and some answers or input are needed ASAP – RESPOND URGENTLY – EXCLAMATION EXCLAMATION EXCLAMATION!!!

At the same time, we don’t have the right to control someone else’s time. Face this fact and BREATHE!

If you feel a response is make it or break, here are some tips to encourage a reply:

  • Place “Response Required” in the subject line;
  • Change your thread subject to reflect URGENT;
  • Be clear in your message and get to the point of your request QUICKLY;
  • Be POLITE!

Take it from me…the cannabis industry is a lot of waiting and requires the utmost patience. At the same time, consider that many in this industry are looking for answers themselves. Often, communication is delayed for good reason.

I’ve learned to value no response instead of receiving the wrong response!

So what do you do when a message is urgent and causing you worry??  Or worse – when you get ghosted!?

This is a tricky one and I recall the first time it happened to me.   Not naming names of any particular asshole (and there have been many), I’ve been dumbfounded by the quiet “bye Felicia” on more than one occasion.

If you are a ghoster… shame on you!

Here’s what not to do if a ghoster enters your life:

  • Take time to reflect before trying to initiate further conversation (this accompanies my new ‘slow down’ mantra).
  • Get distracted with a PROJECT and try not to dwell (worry and guilt are two of the most wasted emotions gifted to humankind)
  • Accept that we’re not all meant to be in each other’s lives’ forever.

Busy or not, the old adage remains true for all us mortals- life is short and nothing feels better than moving on.