As moms, we often feel judgement for the choices we make in raising our children.

Add to that;  we are cannabis using moms, and shaming is kicked up another notch. We then feel guilt upon ourselves for these choices as our insecurities are rocked to the core, making us feel like we are making bad decisions as mothers.

This then leads to internal shame, as we don’t dare talk about our shortcomings and how we regularly fail our children (we’re probably not doing that terrible of a job, but this is how it feels). Many of us ultimately feel isolated in our thoughts and pain, as we bottle this up inside, in fear of the stigma and backlash against mothers, mental illness, and cannabis use…

Enter Mothers Mary Community, where we talk about the things people don’t talk about.

From experience, we know the shame-reducing power of knowing other moms are using cannabis to cope with the day-to-day of motherhood.

The guilt-relieving power of knowing you are not the only woman who some days hates motherhood and misses her pre-children life.

The liberating power of embracing your true self, even your deepest wounds, and no longer hiding, out of fear of not fitting in.

Simply talking about these taboo topics surrounding motherhood, mental illness and cannabis use, is the first step to living our lives authentically. We invite you to join our free community to connect with like-minded cannamoms.

If you relate to this blog, and would like to feel more confident in your decisions and life as a cannamom, check out our free challenge. It’s a liberating transformation every cannamom deserves!


Mothers Mary is a social enterprise founded on three pillars; motherhood, mental health and conscious cannabis use. Through self development programs and community support, they help moms who don’t fit in to be their true selves without guilt and shame.

The Co-founders, Jordana Zabitsky and Annie-Claude Bertrand were brought together over feeling shame for their cannabis use and battles with postpartum depression.

Their mission is to empower moms to be their authentic selves by arming them with the tools to break the molds and stigmas of society.

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Instagram:         @mothersmary_HQ