It was a tough tasting for our judges but they chose the top 3 entries based on their submissions detail, ingredients used, pictures to compliment and of course, the trial cooking taste of each.

In 3rd Place, Andrew Keagen from Ohio with his Kush Cake that we must admit, had us reach new highs for sure! Runner up was Katelyn Matheson from Illinois and her Dynamite Delights which were a combination of Peanut Butter, Canna Oil and Chocolate rolled up into little balls of goodness. Great job to all who entered and we have a little something coming your way for your infused recipes that we will feature this month in our Healing in Plants Canna Cooking section here at Hip Lives.

Finally, SARAH LACEY of Ontario, Canada who submitted the yummiest gluten free canna cookies we have ever tried is our 1ST ever Winner of our Canna Cooking Contest! Sarah’s cookies are intended for anyone who has a high tolerance for THC so adjust accordingly before trying at home. Her Gluten-Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe takes 28 grams of THC per lb of butter in order to make 2 dozen cookies, which equates to approximately 50MG of THC per cookie.
Depending on your tolerance we recommend adjusting the canna butter to 7g per LB for a delicious infusion that will be more in line with a typical recreational user experience. See video and recipe below.

Congratulations to our TOP chefs and their baked goods who definitely know their way around a cannabis kitchen. Keep on sending them in folks! While we will never say no to a baked goodies, let’s also see what some of you are cooking for dinner so we can share a full course meal that fills our bellies AND heals us with plant medicine.

For questions on what edibles are right for you, check out this handy dosage guide

Gluten Free Winner