The truth is, we can lose control… on purpose.

Although I’ve thought about it a lot and realized that I’m not in control. But the good news is that I have the selflessness needed to make my next steps.

Through careful strategy and determination, I plan for everything that may or may not be. It also helps that I’m organized and realistic.

But nothing is in our control

I know myself.  If I close my eyes and go within, I am me.  But what is me?  I am blood, veins, tissue, bones, and breath.   I am not actually anyone but the two words I call myself: first name, last name. But who is me?

Every day I wake up and self-scan.  Then, I concentrate on something that we do without thought: my breathing. Yet, I had no clue this was a thing a year ago. But meditation starts here.

Why I love meditation:

The best part of meditation is its focus on taking control of breathing.  The abdomen rises and lowers as we do what a child does: breathe. When we get older, we lose connection with our breath because emotions take over.

But when we pay attention to our breathing, we realize that breath is an important part of our emotions. So, we concentrate and scan our body, starting at our toes, then our ankles, and continue upwards. Or you can go from head to toe, depending on your individual preference.

I don’t care or know if there is a right direction.  But the most important benefit is the opportunity to scan our bodies and minds.

Here’s what you’ll likely think about while scanning yourself:

  • You might think about past troubles and accomplishments.
  • And consider the future’s potential gains.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not in control. And I’m okay with that.

Not only is yesterday over, but tomorrow hasn’t even begun. And we do not know what the next minute will bring.  Yet, there is good promise and hope, and faith is the closest thing to control we have.

But I have realized this only now, despite the fact that it’s an important part of how my parents raised me. Yet, I am an adult with a child, a home, a career, my health, my family, and my friends. That’s exactly why I’m governing my next steps. It’s also the main reason why I spend a lot of time considering what will happen over the long-term.

But that’s not wrong.  Because I don’t want to stop pre-meditating what I love and desire. Yet, I worry and feel conflicted. Since these concerns are not mine to consider, anxiety is the result of the path I’ve chosen.

But why shouldn’t I aspire to be too rich, healthy, and happy?

Here’s my theory.  That’s self-absorbed and egotistical.  But either way, neither spectrum makes sense.  We can worry about the worst possible scenarios.  We can manifest solutions to problems that haven’t crossed our paths.

In fact, before a worst-case scenario happens, you can play a scene in your mind, which will help you control other peoples’ words, actions, and reactions.

Although it’s a waste of time, it also creates a health problem that far too many people ignore. You can call it whatever you want: stress, anxiety, compulsion, or obsession.  Yet, at the end of the day, it’s something we can’t control, despite the fact that “it” can be many things.

Let’s discuss…

I would love to hear how others have struggled in this area. I have grown because of it and you might have as well. Or you might challenge me otherwise.

Self-control is difficult. But I’m talking about our control of everything, and it’s conversation worthy.