My Mind’s Full and Getting FED!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]It was only in the past year or so that i was introduced to the wonderful clarity and quiet time one should carve out time to have with their mind.  Meditation, manifestation and mindfulness seem to go hand in hand – so why in that quiet time is it your mind actually begins to fill?  The very consideration surrounding your every movement and the concentration required to feel and control each breathe you take.  It is in these silent moments that this focus of the simplest things – the ones we do without thinking naturally – that we actually feel almost swollen and filled.

So I am fueled. 

After each deliberate time that i strive to make even more time for starting again this month as it is the Summer Days and Nights where the best dreams take place and also many a time, they come alive.  We are at our annual half time show and in this Season one must look at the 6 months ahead with control, positivity and the promise that dreams WILL come true.

For myself this last half of the year is also the last 6 months in my 30’s!   For me,  not only does this year have to go out with a bang, but it has to accomplish a few promises that I have made to myself that I will hold myself to achieving.  

So the mind is full.

Part of this send off and next chapter ahead for me includes a guided week in solitude at an Ayahuasca retreat.  This is something I believe very strongly in and find myself passionate to experience having dabbled … okay no, i abundantly entertained many psychedelics and love drugs most of my 20’s and that may just be the start of a story i am sure i must write – but not today and not here.  This retreat for me will allow me to heal in ways that I will find joy within me and unlock areas of my brain, memory and mind to not only grow but to deliver me with empathy and trust from past traumas and things that are possibly holding me back.  I cannot wait.  This has manifestation, mindfulness and meditation written all over it!

So getting fed is adopting our inner desires and fueling our knowledge with not only experience but with growth and change.  I am filled with promise and for that, I am mindful.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]