It’s Canada’s 3rd legal Christmas in the world and by now we should have these Dos and Don’ts all figured out. In case you’re having some trouble… here are some reminders!

DO: Leave edibles out for Santa! That man works his tushy off all night long… he should be rewarded with some pot-brownies or infused cookies. Make sure you wrap them up nicely for him so he can take them home for after his flying around on a sled and share them with the Mrs.

Don’t: Drink Alcohol and then add Cannabis!!! If you’re going to consume them first, always add the cannabis first or make sure you have cannabinoids in your system prior to the booze. Alcohol opens up our blood vessels and when you add weed in the mix it just get’s super messy. (you could always try a Cannabis only Christmas… your liver will thank you!)

Do: Make sure you wrap all glass wear! The last thing you need is a broken bong or pipe because your gift recipient is so excited and your wrapping jobs sucks! Bubble wrap is your glass piece’s best friend.

Don’t think that you have to stick to consumable Cannabis gifts. Get creative and make someone a funky stash jar, the more sparkle the better. Adding their favourite cultivar in the jar wouldn’t hurt though.

Do infuse your Christmas dinner and desserts with Cannabis. Or at least some of them. It is the perfect time
to try out that cannabutter recipe and bake some cookies. Just make sure your guests know what has been infused.

Don’t forget to balance out the thc infused foods with some higher cbd foods and drinks. That way you can keep rockin’ around the christmas tree all night.

We hope you have a safe and happy Cannabis Christmas and look forward to all the new things 2021 will bring for Cannabis.

Written by Rev. Kelly & Lisa Marie