Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Month to Month


January is all about New Year, New You.

We will tackle our individual challenges with natural products, do-it-yourself tips, resource & advice from our in-house coaches. Time to wipe the slate clean and make new habits realistic for our new selves.

February – Love Is in The Air

Self-Care, Self-Love and Self Confessions              

March – We Are All A Little Mad Here

Work/Life/Body & Mind Balance

April – Green Thumb in A Green World

Cannabis, Compassion and Caring in Nature

May – Mother Knows Best

Historical Traditions & Plant Medicine from our Roots

June – Playtime for The Intro-Extrovert

Exploring Independence & Less Social Activities

July – Days & Summer Nights Dreaming

Mindfulness, Meditation and Meaningful Rest

August – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Personal Hygiene vs. True Self Reflection Assessed

September – Back to Basic Necessities

Higher Power Education & Spiritual Health

October – Tricked by Treats

Nutrition, Clean Eating, and Natural Sugar

November – It’s Not Over, Till It’s Over

Check-in, Reminders, and the Finishing Touch

December – Give the Gift of Life

12 days of Therapy & Sharing ourselves with Others