Not Your Average Momma

We all faced many challenges this year. Some used it as a crutch and became a victim of 2020. Others used it as an opportunity to pivot their goals and dreams into something new.

When you reflect on 2020, what are some challenges you faced?

Many lost very important things, like businesses, income, and loved ones.

Others lost a sense of freedom.

Many lost their social lives.

Most lost their dreams and goals.

Somewhere along with the lockdown and fear, we quit hustling.

And who could blame us?

With the flood of information changing what seemed like hourly for weeks on end, all we were trying to do is hang on and survive. We did like we were told. We stocked up and stayed home. We moved our offices from corporate cubicles to dining room tables. Our schools were closed and children isolated. We tried to make the best. It was only temporary. We just had to survive a little while like this.

Ten months later as a new year approaches, we are still surviving.

It’s time to pivot again. Take this new year and learn to thrive again. Admit our challenges from 2020 and use them as a guide to growth in 2021.

Instead of being held back by the “new normal” find ways for it to accentuate your growth. Look at the goals you didn’t achieve last year and understand why. Did you quit hustling because you had to or because you felt like you couldn’t achieve them in this climate so you gave up? Be accountable to yourself. We all stumbled in 2020. No one was immune.

Now, as the new year approaches, how are you going to step up to a new set of challenges?