• Why do you journal?
  1. What is your future plan for tomorrow, next month, next year?
  2. How can you simplify your life?
  3. Write about your favourite person
  4. Write about your favourite or  fond memory
  5. Write about your least favourite memory
  6. Think back to your earliest memory
  7. WHo do you admire?
  8. Write about love and a time when you felt you were fully giving or receiving it
  9. What brings you peace, energy or relaxation?  What takes away from those things?
  10. Do a weekly recap, do a monthly recap
  11. What are your favourite quotes and why?
  12. What is weighing heavily on you and making you or has made you feel uncomfortable?
  13. Who is your coach/mentor/
  14. How have they helped you?
  15. What motivates you?
  16. What is your greatest challenge?
  17. Who is your idol and why?
  18. Where would you like to visit?
  19. Talk about a time when you felt your lowest.