How to make an Alcohol Tincture

  1. Start with your favorite strain of cannabis whether it’s THC or CBD and decarboxylate without breaking up the buds first.  We recommend 240 degrees for 60 minutes to fully activate the cannabinoids!  
  2. Choose the highest proof alcohol you can find.  Everclear is a popular choice for this but our pansy asses went with Absolute Peach Vodka.
  3. Now don’t get greedy because all you need to do is make sure you cover your buds just enough to soak them… so what you want to do is put them in a mason jar, add your 40% or higher proof alcohol and then give it a shake.
    1. Now we let ours soak up for 24 hours in a dark, cool area pre-MAGICAL BUTTER machining.  Yes, we then used our fancy machine intended for safe, easy, expediting of all our favorite base products (oil and butter is our main go-to but we wanted to give this a whirl)
  4. So if you are fortunate to own such a machine, the next step is easy.  Set to 130 degrees and 4 hours later – boom, back into the mason jar until you wish to use it.


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