A great example of the war on drugs is the “Your Brain On Drugs” commercial from the 80s. Most of us over 30 will remember that commercial. And even if you don’t remember, here is a little something to jog your memory:

Overall, the bit that leaves me with the most questions is the last line:

Any questions?

The message at large is about the benefits.  But let’s be reminded that just like everything else, there are risks.

Cannabis and the war on drugs: peoples’ changing attitudes

Cannabis, once known as the “gateway drug, is now being used for opiate withdrawals and eliminating addictions.

I definitely didn’t see that coming. But it makes sense, in a way. This is the same plant from biblical times that has:

  • Created paper, plastics, fibres
  • And been made into medicine.

Most importantly, there has been a radical shift with the older generation. The Canna Curious, 30+ demographic are mature, professional, well-educated and fact-based consumers.

So why do new Cannabis users from this demographic try Cannabis?

They tend to try Cannabis for a variety of reasons including:

  • Feeling good
  • Spicing things up in the bedroom
  • Getting off other medications
  • Curiosity (they want to know what the fuss is about).

However, the hardest part is creating policies and regulations on a global scale.  Because there are fears and stigma that exist worldwide. Our stigmas and fears are what stand in the way of reform.  And the truth is, it tends to start with our children.

Instead of spreading the war on drugs mantra, we should stop spreading fear. Because educating others on harm reduction is a lot more productive. And that might sound logical. But even in my mommy friend circle, there are mothers who fear the consequences of their children learning about cannabis, drug use, and its risks too early in school.

I think the opposite: because all of these approaches don’t work:
  • Parents saying: “don’t do drugs”
  • The prohibition framework
  • Changes to policies which lack scientific evidence

Most importantly, now is the time to prioritize safe Cannabis for medical consumption practices. Because the drug war doesn’t protect anyone.