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Yoga really is for everyone and  Camille Dodson a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher shares these lifelong practices with her students every day, some of them being children!

We are all about healthy minds and body wellness here at Hip Lives and what better way to get your Health in Progress as a fam!

Now perhaps this won’t be a traditional zen and release session as kids want to have fun and let’s be honest – they don’t have the stresses to release like their parents might so keep that in mind and enter into the spirit of a child with these exciting poses!

Here are 7 poses that are the best to try with your kiddos:

1. Cat and Cow

image32 Credit: Kristin McGee

Mooooo…..Meoowwwwwww – I mean, tell me if you are able to do any of these animal poses without letting out a sound effect or two! 

Start them on hands and knees, walk them through dropping their belly and looking up for Cow Pose, and then arching their back like an angry cat for Cat Pose.

Once they master this fluid motion, incorporate the breath, encouraging them to breathe in with each Cow, and out with each Cat.

2. Puppy Pose


Credit: Julia Lee

Just like the childs pose where you raise the tailbone high above the heels, this Puppy is a great way to stretch your shoulders and back.

While looking down at their mat and ensuring they have no other distractions around, it’s easier for kids to turn inward and settle down.

3. Tree Pose


ThisTree Pose is a beautiful way of showing children their own inner strength and focus.

As we describe the deep roots of a tree, we help kids to stand tall and proud, reminding them that they are each strong, wonderful individuals. As we lead them through the balancing portion by pressing the sole of one foot into the inside of the standing leg, we show them how focus and determination bring great rewards.

4. Airplane Pose (Warrior III)

image36What kid doesn’t want to fly?

Its a bird, its a plane, it’s __________________ flying!  My son has a hard time with this one and it IS quite a challenge so that makes it even more fun as kids will use their core strength 

 This challenging pose keeps kids engaged as they use all the muscles in their body to steady their airplane.

Have them balance on one leg, kick the other behind them, and extend both arms like wings.  Now this is a flight that can take them anywhere their dreams imagine!

5. Lizard on a Rock (Partner Pose)

image26Partner poses are an great way for kids to learn together, build trust, and get creative.

For this pose, have the partners sit on their knees, back to back. Have one come to Child’s Pose on the mat with their tailbone on their heels, forehead on the mat, and arms extended beside their head. The second child comes into a high squat, then raising up to sit on the other’s tailbone before leaning back and draping themselves over their friend. What a wonderful heart warmer!

6. Boat Pose

image24This one works me to the core, literally!  Children of all ages can also enjoy this one while sitting on their mat with their feet a foot or so in front of them, have the kids place their hands behind them and point their toes they barely touch the mat. Then, they can play with lifting their feet off the mat and raising their arms to reach out in front of them.  Easy  does it!

From here, you can tap one foot to the mat and then the other, straighten both legs, or even twist the upper body from side to side. The challenge here is to keep breathing — just as we need to learn to breathe through difficult situations which is a great discussion to start with and keep reminding throughout your workout together,  Control, focus and listen to your inhale and exhale.

7. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

image25From this relaxing position, laying on their backs, it is the perfect time to introduce breathing exercises to children.  A good opener or finisher but either way it helps induce calm, balance and inner strength.   While laying as still as a corpse (morbid!) this helps to slow them down, connect within and again, listen to their bodies..

Kids bring enthusiasm and love to get into funny positions and albeit they are looking up to us to be taught, remember you are in these moments, also a student as their joy can be cultivated on the mat and then mirrored in your daily reality,  Enjoy with joy and stand tall like trees, while you fly each plane and take those deep breaths in as we inhale the energy’s created with our children in these connected moments together,   Namaste[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]