Healthy Tips to go Back to School


  1. Get back in a routine – bedtime, and hygiene
    1. Making sure kids are getting to bed on time will make mornings more manageable.
    2. A bath before bed can calm kids as well as create a hygiene routine. 
    3. Choosing clothes the night before means one less task in the morning 
  2. Wellness Checkup with Pediatrician
    1. Some school-age children need to have vaccines at various milestones 
  3. Have healthy, well-rounded meals 
    1. Well-balanced meals can help your child focus more during the day.  
    2. Making sure to eat breakfast, even in a hurry, can be key to a good day at school 
  4. Stay Hydrated 
    1. Find a refillable water bottle that your child likes and make it their hydration buddy. 
    2. Limit sugary drinks
  5. Encourage outdoor activities in the afternoon
    1. Burning off excess energy outdoors in the evening can lead to better rest at night 
    2. After being in a classroom all day, your kids will need an outlet to decompress and outdoor activities can be the perfect one. 
  6. Calming anxiety and worries in your kids 
    1. Some kids haven’t been in a traditional classroom in over a year. Reassuring them that they can handle it will help calm their nerves. 
    2. Having them choose school supplies and classroom items to contribute can help ease anxieties as well. 
  7. Setting a weekly schedule 
    1. Writing down bus schedules, sports, clubs, and even meal times will help build your child’s confidence this school year. 
  8. Dress for Success 
    1. Have at least one new outfit for the first day for your child. This will help them feel more confident walking into the new year. 
  9. Lead by example 
    1. Calm your own nerves about your child’s first day back. 
    2. Create your own routine and schedule 
    3. Share with them that it’s difficult for you too but you can do it together.