Personal Hygiene vs True Self Reflection Assessed

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who truly is fairest of them all? We always can’t see our face without a mirror to help us & always we see our reflection. Even without a mirror if there is a puddle large enough we can see our reflection in the puddle. All cell phones have a camera in which we are able to turn the angle to show ourselves.

However, as we grow from the baby we once were to the adult we become we learn the necessary skills to be a functioning adult in which we have to take care of ourselves. The biggest of these necessary skills is how to practice good personal hygiene skills.

How we present ourselves to others in our nearest vicinity of where we are is how in a way we make an impression of ourselves to others & always the first impression is usually the only one you get.

Now as we’ve seen in classic Looney Tune cartoons Pepé Le Pew a skunk is oblivious to his own personal hygiene because to him he smells good but to all else around him, it’s run away from him. To Pepé there is no concern to himself about how he smells because well skunks have their own unique scent, to everyone else their scents are tuned to know what to avoid at all times.

In the real world, we all have senses in which we are able to understand the world around us but none stronger than as said above in the example of Pepé the sense of smell. Some smells bring us joy & pleasure whereas other smells bring us to gag.

To some, they can be oblivious to what they are smelling so if someone tells them they’re smelling a strong scent around them & the smelly one simply shrugs it off.

So what can we do about others who don’t practice good personal hygiene? All we can truly do is try to give advice on how to do better with personal hygiene, either the advice will help with the person taking the advice or they’ll remain as they were & they’ll not take the advice.

As mentioned before first impression is usually the only time you can make an impression on someone because it is your first time meeting said person & sometimes you can’t get a second chance. The first impression is always how they’ll remember you especially when they see you again or multiple times.

If you blow the first impression it can have many side effects such as if you don’t practice good personal hygiene at work; the next time you could be up for a promotion you’ll likely be skipped over, you have a new coworker you haven’t met your existing coworkers could have already informed new person about you & when you introduce yourself they go to great lengths to avoid you.

So always look at your reflection in the mirror each time before you take your morning shower: do a full-on inspection of yourself to determine what hygiene areas need the big focus during your shower when you’re done dress for success but apply what you need to make yourself a person who always does true great personal hygiene & others will likely notice with giving a complement of “I like your cologne, perfume, etc.” [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]