Cannabis Jerky

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Okay, this one is going to take you some time so no last minute “I have the munchies for some beef jerky” late comers… but heck, make it now and you will have plenty of time before Fathers Day (maybe even next year if you missed seeing this before the middle of June)

  1. First things first.  You will need an alcohol based tincture so although you may have made tincture before, this one takes much longer and requires a high proof alcohol.  Going to send you to a great unaffiliated website to get some easy to do instructions as mine took 4 days and this one i researched says they can pull it off in 3 hours.  Don’t take my word for it but please let me know if you try it and its a success!
  2. Round Roast – i used Eye of the Round but Top Round also works (thin thin thin sliced, no FAT and go ahead ballers and splurge if you want the premium stuff: London Broil, Sirloin Tip or even a Flank Steak will work …just a bit more $)
  3. Have a butcher slice it unless you are good with measurement and have some kick ass knives. You will want it ¼ inch thick and NO fat. (i know i said it before but it’s important)

FUN FACT:  Slice the meat with the grain and you will get chewier results. Slice against and it will be a more tender jerky. (seems like an odd concept as jerky tender is still a jerk to chew)

Time to Marinade!  Leave this on your meat in the fridge for up to 24 hours, the longer- the more succulent. (love that word) but dont go less than half of a day in there…cause in my opinion, marinade on jerky is what makes it edible.

I did a BBQ Marinade but you do you (or dad as this was intended for him)

BBQ Beef jerky Marinade

Assuming a day has passed….

  1. Now you gotta infuse the beef.  This can be tricky depending on your meat and the cut and the dosage desired. I recommend a dosage calculator to figure that out once you know what your alcohol tincture % is.  Then do it all by the weight.
  2. Next, you will dry that beef baby out!  A Food Dehydrator is your best friend OR you do what I did since this was my first time…

Set your over to 225 and leave the door open a crack

That should be the lowest temperature on your oven but go even lower if you can.

4-6 hours apparently is the jerky golden rule so I did a 5hour safe bet.

  1. Test it, if it bends – it’s done.  If it’s overdone – it will crack.  
  2. You can store this up to 2 months in Tupperware at room temperature so go ahead like I said – give yourself lots of time.

Send us your pics if you mastered Canna Jerk!!  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]