Hi HIP Friends!

What an exciting month to be launching the HIP Lives site after it’s facelift. September and Fall in general are always a great time for change.

Already the nights are getting shorter and the urge to lay in bed in the morning, a little harder to surpass.

Motivation lately has often felt like its entirely robotic and that we react on autopilot for what many have playfully referred to as; Groundhog Day.

Well happy to report that this phenomenon is impossible and although we seem to be stuck perhaps in a rut as we challenge ourselves to normalize with the new norm, there are things to remind us that each tomorrow is a new beginning.

HIP Lives has plenty of new beginnings as well as goals. In my HIP life, i share the dark places my mental health has sprung from and continuously challenge myself to focus on the self i wish to be and know that I can.

Often for me that means turning off my social apps and silencing the ringer while i meditate and get back to just ME!

Cannot wait to share what other selfless entrepreneurs have in store for us to grow, learn and progress from. Health is always a work in progress and the most important thing you can do for you, is figure out just what that is.

In Good Health and Love,