Composting takes a little bit of care and patience but it’s pretty easy and the results are pretty cool — it turns garbage into fertilizer! And this DIY project continually reduces landfill waste and lowers your family’s carbon footprint. 

DIY Compost for Kids1

What You’ll Need

  • Empty Soda Bottle
  • Push Pin
  • Paper
  • Food Scraps (it’s easiest to start with produce; chop into small pieces for best results)
  • Dirt
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Plastic Tray or Plate
  • Spray Bottle with Water

How to Make:

Step 1: Have a grown-up cut off the top of the soda bottle and poke holes into the bottom with a push pin. 

Step 2: Add a layer of dirt to the bottom of the bottle. Follow with some crumpled bits of shredded paper. (Leaves are great too, if you can find them.)

Step 3: Layer fruit and veggie scraps on top of the paper, mixed with egg shells and coffee grounds so the food scraps are not peeking through.

Step 4: Nestle the lid back on the bottle, spout side down, and spray some water into it. You don’t want it to be drenched, but you want it to be wet all the way through.

Step 5: Place the compost bin on a tray somewhere it will get plenty of light and not get tipped over! 

Step 6: Everyday, add a few sprays of water and mix up the contents of the bottle.

Step 7: Watch as the material in the bottle changes over time.

Step 8: When it looks ready, feed it to your houseplants or outdoor garden!

DIY Compost for Kids2