Friends and Family –

I am honoured to be featured in the Top 100 Magazine for their “Canada’s Top 100 Professionals” edition coming out this Fall.

As I professionally gear up- it has become apparent my website needs a collaborative message while in the midst of a time when many are suffering with health: emotionally, physically and mentally.

This prompted my desire to feature stories from real people, having real life situations to magnitudes many of us cannot fathom.  I see the shares of triumph and also the parallel tribulations from many.

My goal is to host these stories in a series called: “HOW I PANDEMIC” and promote these organic messages to others needing compassion and connectivity.

I ask YOU as my closest to be the firsts to submit (the old monkey see, monkey do) as the ball needs to start rolling ASAP.  Moreover, I would greatly appreciate the shares of my promotion to your personal networks as they reach others around the World and in their homes.

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Really appreciate all and thanks in advance for your support!



Do you have a story to share?

This summer we are holding a quarantine prompted contest: #howipandemic and asking for YOUR stories involving your family, relationship, health, self or profession.

We want the good, the bad, the success or the losses.  We want the real deal!  YOUR Pandemic’ is the ways you’ve coped, changed, renewed or regressed during a time when our world has been changed.

To submit your story (300-400 words) email and include your contact details, age and a photo to be featured in our Summer HOW I PANDEMIC special edition.