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Depression SUCKS!

Yes, I was a sufferer of this all too prevalent emotional, physical and psychological drainhole.

Basically I was a human shampoo bottle – lather, wash, rinse, repeat.  Too many years going through the basic motions and knocking down my own opinions, hitting a personal rock bottom that was not self-induced, but somehow all too easy to fall into.

With the help of professionals, I learned that letting go of the following was key:

  1. Toxic corporate life
  2. Driving unnecessarily
  3. Certain surroundings: people, habits, atmosphere and what seemed to be forever; practiced.

What I’d always been doing was no longer going to work. Late night snacking and nervous overeating driven by targeted stress were things I had to combat. Depression was supplying me with an extra 3lb a week  and an ass like a deflated bouncy castle.

Recently, I embarked on a personal journey to avoid the burn that inevitably comes with not letting shit go.

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It’s easy to get burnt out or simply burned when you feel like your back is up against the wall at all time. We cannot be fight or flight all the time.

It was time to conquer my addiction to stress and start a life of mindful, purpose filled intentions.

These are the changes I’ve adopted:
  • learning a new industry by throwing myself into a passion of mine
  • hiring a life coach and aligned with mentors that fit my goals
  • cleansing my mind and body through holistic medicinal approaches

Easier said than done. I am living proof we’re always a work in progress and so is our health!

Recognizing that change or even a restart in life is needed can also be tricky.   What if you can’t recognize the traumatic events in your life and just accept them as the norm?  It’s that shampoo bottle again. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Changing my intentions and starting to manifest them through daily affirmations, prayer and visualization techniques brought me to a new place.

There will always be pain.  Hell, I wake up in a ball of it– I’m not alone. But I can’t succumb to it.

I challenge you now to look inside and deliver one affirmation that lets go of whatever it is that you need to get rid of.

Start by filling in the following blanks for yourselves.

I am NOT _______ and I am NOT ________ But what I AM is ___________.

I don’t know about you, but I AM healthy, I AM fulfilled and I AM worth it.

Now you say it.



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