Looking At Your Reflection


Take a look at the mirror, water in the sink/puddle/river/lake/stream & any old photograph, what do you see? 

You see a reflection of yourself but as you are now & who you were then.

We all are born unique in how we all interpret this world in which we all experience but not all is meant to be seen through similar eyes because if everyone shared the same views of the world the words different, difference & all other words related would become obsolete & we’d have no need for them.

Each of us are all born with two eyes, two feet, two hands, one heart but always we are all born with one brain in how we record our various thoughts & knowledge. Throughout my own thirty-five years of walking this world I’ve come to see the good as well the bad this world has had to show me in the forms of relationships, experiences & so much more

If you’re reading this I thank you for taking the time to read this, the first of many upcoming blogs for my friend Amie to help people see a unique point of view of someone who lives each day with high functioning autism & will be sharing my thoughts as well perspectives on many topics.

 If there are any topics you’d like to suggest I’m open to suggestions.

About the Author:

Tom Brooks is a man who resides in Massachusetts and lives with high functioning autism. He has made it his life goal toimage31 help those better understand autism and help debunk old myths as well legends of autism through sharing his philosophical insight as well knowledge of autism. He has also published a few books with his first three books being his science-fiction fantasy series about a hero with autism and his fourth book being his memoir of living with autism. He is currently working on his next book projects but also divides his time from writing between his job, his family, his friends and his hobbies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]